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What We Do

NiceRepair is a world leading electronics repair business solutions provider who was established in 2012 in Belarus(Europe). We are committed to delivering one-stop services Solution, Technical Support Solution as well as Recycle & Resell Solution for worldwide customers ranging from repair shops, regional distributors, refurbishing facilities to recycling and reverse logistics companies across the world.

How We Do

To address the uprising one-stop service needs from our customers, NiceRepair established an unique sourcing and technical expert team to deliver real value creating services covering high quality parts,  professional equipments,  technical training,  recycling and third-party repairing  as well as latest market information exchanging. We have the most clear and transparent quality classification and High standards in the electronics parts industry. Our regional office in Huntington Beach California, USA.

What We Want

The rapid evolving electronics industry has brought us not only more convenient life style but also e-waste headache. Our shop wants to play a positive role together with our customers by the business activities such as recycle, repair, refurbish and resell. To realize this goal, all of our activities should be conducted by upholding the principle that we should win together with customers, employees and partners.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to repair my device?

Usually, when walking in, we accomplish our repairs within 20 minutes up to 24 hours. Depending on what type of device (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, etc), and the kind of issue (Screen repair, water damage, frame damage, etc), however we also accept mail in service which might take longer due to shipping process.

Do NiceRepair provide non-costs estimates?

Yup. We do provide free estimates for every device. Regardless if is by walk-in or over-the-phone. Estimates are non-binding. Any estimate given over the phone is intended for informational purposes only so that our customers can have some idea of what to expect, but unless we physically inspect the device, we cannot offer an accurate or binding estimate.

How does the warranty works?

We offer 90 day warranty on all of our repairs. If for any reason an issue is found, we will perform the service again at no extra cost or charge if you will. All parts that we used to repair your device are also guaranteed for 90 days from the date that the service was provided. The guarantee does not cover physical damage, liquid spill or issues that may develop within the guarantee period that are not related to services performed or to the original issue or symptom diagnosed and repaired.

Do NiceRepair store credit card information?

NiceRepair does not see or store credit card information at any point of the transactions that might occur online. We use a third-party payment processor that specialize in credit card security, meaning our servers do not process any of the financial exchanges.

Is my personal information private?

We will sometimes ask clients for personal information such as name, e-mail address, or phone number. Providing us your information will simply help us locate your account, provide technical support, and answer your questions. NiceRepair will take all appropriate steps to keep your personal information confidential. Those steps include limiting access to client information databases, communicating this policy statement to all of our employees, establishing and enforcing penalties for violation of this statement. We do not sell, rent, or give away personal information to other companies. For your convenience and added security, all information submitted throughout contact or shopping experience page are encrypted and sent to us via 256bit SSL secured socket layers. We also have differentiations on our server architecture, basically our database is separated by the front-end and back-end.

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